Masterworks Chorale of Boston Scheduled to Perform “I Must Sing”


Carol Koffinke’s Music to be Performed at the Masterworks Chorale of Boston’s spring concert. Boston, Massachusetts – November 1, 2021 – The Masterworks Chorale of Boston, a highly recognized choir led by Dr. Kevin Leong, will be performing one of Ms. Koffinke’s, choral pieces at their spring concert, exact date TBA.

The theme of the concert is American Contemporary Music and the group will be singing “I Must Sing”, a four-part a capella work. Ms. Koffinke wrote this piece during the height of the pandemic when no choruses were rehearsing and limited to mere remote connection. Many members of the group voiced their sadness at not singing, realizing how important creating song was in their lives. In an effort to express this common void, she composed a piece that expresses this compelling need

Ms. Koffinke is a composer of vocal and choral music.