The American Prize Awards Carol Koffinke for Journey to God


Carol Koffinke awarded finalist in this distinguished national choral composer competition.

Boston, Massachusetts – March 16, 2023 – The American Prize, a prestigious national award for the performing arts, has awarded Carol Koffinke finalist in their annual choral competition. Ms. Koffinke submitted her large, four movement choral work, Journey to God, for this national competition and is honored that she and her work have been recognized in such a competitive field.

The American Prize in Composition recognizes and rewards the best composers in America for works for chorus, orchestra, and various other ensembles. With thousands of submissions from all fifty states, it is considered one of the most competitive competitions in the country.

Ms. Koffinke’s submission, Journey to God, is a four-movement choral work which explores the existential, and spiritual, question of “Who Am I?”. The work incorporates soprano, alto, and tenor soloists. It is accompanied by piano and also arranged for orchestra.

Ms. Koffinke is looking to premier this work in the near future. You can hear this and other compositions by Ms. Koffinke on her website,

The Milton Community Concert Series featured Life, another of Ms. Koffinke’s four-movement choral works, in November of 2022. The two-hour concert was exclusively devoted to Ms. Koffinke’s music, including two world premiers. The Director of the concert, Timothy Steele, says, “"Carol's music electrified the audience during one of one of our most successful concerts in a decade. It was an honor to present an entire program of works by this illustrious composer."