Music that Moves the Soul

Composer of Vocal and Choral Music


"Carol's music electrified the audience during one of one of our most successful concerts in a decade. It was an honor to present an entire program of works by this illustrious composer."

Timothy Steele - Conductor, Pianist, New England Conservatory Faculty

"Carol Koffinke's music is both accessible and fresh, full of surprising and beautiful sonorities and creative rhythms that make the music come alive through her texts."

Karen Harvey – Conductor, Pianist, Composer

"Carol is an incredibly receptive artist eager to create spaces of aesthetics based on collaboration, discovery, questioning, and reflection.  She is an outstanding artist who masterfully creates expressive art pieces in both the written word and music. She has a high-skilled passionate creative style that reflects the dramatic content of the pieces in deep detail through her language, highlighting the artistry of her performers."

David Rivera Bozon – tenor

"As a composer, Carol crafts music that highlights the many ways of communicating through tessitura and tone that allow a singer to utilize their full range, but also sensitively sets the text in ways that suspend the depth of the poetry interwoven with the harmonic complexities in the score - her music is a singer's dream."

Alexandra Dietrich, Mezzo Soprano

"Carol’s music is transcendent and able to capture a myriad of experiences."

Keith Brinkley - Baritone